These final photos of Stohm's story - after the skin-to-skin in NICU story and the breastfeeding story - demonstrate the use of the KangaCarrier, and also that skin-to-skin is safe for transporting babies going home.

Stohm spent a total of 99 days in hospital, and the last few days in the "Kangaroo Mother Care Ward", before going home.



Stohm46 in KMC ward   Stohm47 sleeping in carrier  

5th February 2002
   Storm now weighs 1650g, and mother Sharleen has been admitted to our Kangaroo Mother Care Ward. Here she can stay 24 hours a day, to get used to doing continuous Kangaroo Mother Care, before she goes home.
   Stohm has been sleeping since she started in the afternoon, these photographs are taken in the late evening.

 Stohm48 on chest for KC    Stohm49 wrapper under ear  

 The KangaCarrier is especially designed to make continuous KMC safe. The wrapper fixes the baby to mother's chest, and goes underneath the ear.


 Stohm52 kangacarrier tying  Stohm50 knot behing head  

  The wrapper is tied firmly, tight enough to keep baby's head fixed to mother.
 The shirt comes on, and mother ties it firmly below the baby's flexed legs.

       Stohm54 kangacarrier tied      Stohm55 sleeping in KangaCarrier  

  After tying below baby, mother is able to sit up and move about freely.
 Stohm did not even wake up while this was being done, despite the photographing!
 Image to right available as postcard. 

 Stohm60 smiling at breast  Stohm62 sleeping hand mouth  

  After suckling, a baby is often content just resting next to the breast.
 When Stohm was placed back on skin-to-skin with the wrapper, she put her hand to her mouth as we saw earlier, and sucked her thumb, and gently over two or three minutes fell fast asleep.
   Stohm and Sharleen are likely to spend two or three days in the ward before going home. Hopefully we will catch them being discharged.

Image on right available as a postcard.

 Stohm63 Sharleen at pc  Stohm64 Sharleen smiles  

  While in the KMC ward, Sharleen can walk about freely. Here she visits the office where she can see herself on this website.

 Stohm66 Sharleen signs out   Stohm65 Family leaving  

   DISCHARGE DAY !!! 9th February 2002, Stohm is finally ready for discharge, weighing 1790g. Father and brother have come to collect!
 Sharleen and Stohm sign out through the security desk!

      Stohm68 family at car      Stohm69 KangaCarrier in backseat  

  With Stohm secured inside the KangaCarrier, transport by car is quite safe. Mother Sharleen will wear her seat belt, but only the hip belt - and not the shoulder strap. Should there be a mishap (unlikely with father a traffic warden!) then the baby is secured safely, and at worst will end up between mothers legs.
 Little brother may be a greater danger .
    ... he's not excited.

 Stohm70 followup visit  

  At follow-up visit many months later:

Stohm is being looked after by her aunt, and has come for checkup, bright as a button!!

 Stohm71 bright button    Comment:  Babies born preterm even Late Preterm, are at risk for developmental delays and problems during school years. We believe these are minimised through Kangaroo Mother Care.